Organic poultry

We prefer chicken, duck, turkey and goose meat from organic breeding. All birds live without stress on free run having an unlimited access to grass and fresh air. They are fed with organic food deprived of antibiotics and growth hormones.
Fresh organic poultry can be purchased from us as a whole or dived into separate parts, e.g.:

(the whole chicken portioned into fillet, quarters, wings, portions, offal)
(the whole turkey portioned into fillet, quarters, wings, portions, offal, legs, boned thigh, wings, portions, offal)
(the whole duck portioned into fillet, quarters, wings, portions, legs, wings, portions, offal)
(the whole goose portioned into fillet, leg, wings, portions, offal)

All the parts are packed on trays separately. There is also the possibility of purchasing only fillet, quarters, wings etc.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

We offer fresh fruit and vegetables which originate from pure, clean, nature which fruit farmers prefer. Our producers do not use artificial colouring and densifying substances, fertilizers or available on the marked growth stimulants of various kinds – therefore we have the certainty that our fruit and vegetables are not related to GMO (genetically modified organisms), thanks to which they are tasty and do not pose any danger to our life and health.


Polskie Eko Zagrody
Processing and distribution
of organic products

Tel. +48 24 362 76 84
Fax: +48 24 362 76 82

hours: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

How to order

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